Scoot Boot Accessories

Scoot Boot Accessories

Enhance the performance and comfort of your Scoot Boots with our range of high-quality accessories. Designed to provide additional support, protection, and customization, these accessories ensure your horse's hooves remain in optimal condition, no matter the terrain or riding conditions.

Our Accessories:

Pastern Strap

The Pastern Strap provides extra security by preventing the boot from rotating or slipping off. It ensures a snug fit, especially on challenging terrains.

Mud Straps

Mud Straps are designed to keep Scoot Boots securely in place when riding through muddy and wet conditions. They prevent the boots from being pulled off, offering peace of mind in the most demanding environments.

Endurance Gaiters

Endurance Gaiters offer additional protection and comfort for long-distance riding. They prevent rubbing and irritation, allowing your horse to perform at its best over extended periods.

Anti-Slip Shims

Anti-Slip Shims are used to improve the fit of Scoot Boots on hooves that are narrower or have less volume. They provide a secure and snug fit, preventing any movement within the boot.


Pads are designed to offer extra cushioning and shock absorption. They are perfect for horses with sensitive soles or those recovering from injuries, providing maximum comfort and support.

Trail Gaiters

Trail Gaiters protect your horse's pasterns and lower legs from debris and abrasion while riding on trails. They are made from durable, breathable materials to ensure comfort and protection.

Front Straps

Front Straps secure the front of the Scoot Boot, ensuring a tighter fit and additional security during rigorous activities. They are easy to adjust and provide reliable support.

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