Welcome to Bright Horse Supplies

Welcome to the official home of Bright Horse Supplies! I am thrilled to unveil my curated selection of ethical, practical, and aesthetically pleasing equestrian and canine (coming soon) gear. Each product has been meticulously handcrafted by me to enhance the training experience and overall welfare of your beloved animals, ensuring comfort without compromising on style.

My Mission

Founded by me, Barbara, a Clinical Animal Behaviourist, Bright Horse Supplies is committed to filling a crucial gap in the market. My mission is simple yet profound: to offer products that not only meet the functional needs of horse and dog owners but do so with an unwavering commitment to ethics and aesthetics.

Driven by my extensive experience and deep understanding of animal needs, my products are designed with precision and care. From hand-made halters that comply with the 2-finger rule for horses to ergonomically designed gear for dogs, each item in my collection embodies my dedication to the comfort and welfare of animals. I believe in creating gear that supports effective training and fosters a deeper, more understanding relationship between you and your animals.

Join me in my journey towards creating a more compassionate world for our animals, where functionality, beauty, and ethical standards are seamlessly integrated. Bright Horse Supplies is more than just a brand; it's my movement towards a better future for our animal companions.