Rope Halters

Introducing the Horsewoman Collection

I'm Barbara, a Clinical Animal Behaviourist and a passionate horse owner, dedicated to enhancing the lives of our horses through ethical, beautiful, and functional designs. Inspired to empower women in advocating for ethical equine care, I envisioned the Horsewoman Collection. This collection reimagines traditional halters by combining aesthetics with functionality, ensuring our horses' comfort comes first. Featuring halters and training equipment, each complemented by a versatile 4m lead rope adjustable to your needs, we make traditional functionality a symbol of our collective voice for compassion in the equestrian world.

Each piece is handcrafted with precision by myself, featuring intricate, beautiful lanyard knots on each lead rope end and a sturdy Fiador knot on the halters, celebrating the resilience and determination of women steadfast in their beliefs. The cobra knots across the noseband provide a wider surface area, reducing pressure and ensuring a more comfortable fit for our horses. Coupled with meticulous whipping on the ends of the lead rope, every piece not only secures but also enhances your horse's appearance.

Handmade and Local Irish Design

Handmade, each halter is unique and locally produced, supporting a small local Irish business unlike any other. As a creator and designer, I invite you to join this journey. The Horsewoman Collection is about more than style and compassion; it's a commitment to the beauty, strength, and ethical stewardship of women in equitation.

Be Part of the Change

Join a community of women effecting change, one halter at a time. With the Horsewoman Collection, you're not just selecting equestrian gear; you're choosing to stand for a cause that resonates with deep-seated values of ethical care, empowering not just ourselves but our horses as well.

Together, let's move towards a more compassionate and understanding world for our horses, where ethical treatment and unparalleled style go hand in hand. Welcome to the Horsewoman Collection — where your choice makes a difference.

Rope Halters

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