Our Journey to Kinder Nosebands

Shared by Barbara, The Heart of Bright Horse Supplies

Hello from the heart of Bright Horse Supplies! I'm Barbara, and my life’s work revolves around understanding our  horses and creating methods/products that truly works for them and us. Let me take you through the journey and thinking behind our thoughtfully designed nosebands.

Why We Rethought the Noseband

The standard designs of horse tack, including nosebands, have often missed the mark on comfort and horse welfare. Knowing this, I felt inspired to do better—to craft a noseband that genuinely considers the horse's comfort and needs.

Drawing on the latest research and the International Society for Equitation Science (ISES) guidelines, I’ve envisioned a noseband that’s not just kinder, but also enhances the connection between you and your horse.

The Change We Want to See

Research has opened our eyes to the downsides of overly tight nosebands: they can cause stress, mouth injuries, and prevent natural behaviours like yawning and chewing. This was a wake-up call for us to develop a noseband that ensures freedom and comfort for the horse.

With care and handcrafted design, my halters adhere to the 'two-finger rule' (and some), going beyond the ISES standards for ethical tack, ensuring your horse's well-being is never compromised.

Our Ethical Promise

For me, a noseband is more than tack; it's a statement of our ethics in equestrianism. By selecting kinder materials and tailoring designs to fit the horse’s anatomy, I've created something truly special—a noseband that respects the horse and enriches your time together.

We're on a mission to foster a world where the equipment we use reflects our care and respect for horses. Our journey towards ethical equestrian practices continues, fueled by science, compassion, and invaluable insights from you—our community of horse enthusiasts.

Come, be part of this beautiful journey. With Bright Horse Supplies, you’re not just choosing superior quality; you’re advocating for the well-being and happiness of your horse. Here, beauty, function, and welfare go hand in hoof.