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As a clinical animal behaviorist and Equitation Science coach, with a BSc Honours in Zoology and an MSc in Equine Science (Distinction), my journey into the equestrian world has been driven by a passion for understanding and improving the lives of horses. My academic and professional journey has instilled in me a profound respect for the complexity of equine behaviour and the science that underpins effective, ethical training methods. It is from this foundation that my decision to curate the Clear Q Collection emerged.

In recognising the need for change within equestrian sports, my aim has been to support this evolution in a manner that honors our commitment to horse welfare. While I am a proponent of bitless riding and advocate for its benefits, I also acknowledge the realities and challenges that come with transitioning disciplines and practices long steeped in tradition. It is not a black-and-white issue; the nuance in every horse-rider relationship, the varied disciplines within equestrian sports, and the current regulations at competitions, all play a role in how we approach training and communication.

Creating the Clear Q Collection was not about offering a simple alternative but about enhancing the dialogue between horse and rider through scientifically-backed design. By leveraging correct learning theory and a deep understanding of equine behaviour, these bits were conceptualised to offer a pathway to improved welfare and more ethical training practices. They represent a bridge between the current state of equestrian sports and the future we aspire to—one where every interaction with our horses is informed by compassion, understanding, and science.

This collection embodies a dual commitment: to advance horse welfare and to support the equestrian community through this period of transition and beyond. It's a testament to my belief that with the right tools, grounded in equitation science, we can train more ethically, promote better understanding, and foster deeper, more respectful relationships with our horses.

As we navigate the future of equestrian sports, the Clear Q Collection stands as a symbol of what is possible when we combine scientific insight with a love for horses. It's an invitation to join a movement towards more informed, considerate, and humane practices—a journey I am deeply committed to and excited to share with fellow equestrians who share this vision for change.

Clear Q

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